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The Australian National University

The monthly magazine, Project Manager, published by Australian Institute of Project Management (AIPM),  featured a very interesting article on effective change management in the August / September issue. In this article, Leanne Mezrani highlights that project managers are essentially change agents but seldom manage change effectively. She discusses the criticality of the change process, guidelines on how it should be managed  and  insights on […]

Project managers deal with all kinds of unexpected situations – back to back deadlines, resource shortfalls, demanding stakeholders and unpredictable events. Andy Jordan writes about how Project Managers can cope with these pressures. When a customer decided that they wanted to use one of their products to support a new marketing campaign, they wanted to move […]

In this article, Geoff Mattie presents a three step approach to gaining executive buy-in for project requirements. No matter what industry you work in, chances are you’ve had to build a long list of specific requirements to help define project success and to identify project risks. In many cases, you’re required to align with your […]

What are your career goals? Have you examined them recently? Do they still make sense given that you or your position may have changed since setting them? Do they still make sense given that the world around you has no doubt changed since you set them? If you’re having a hard time deciding what your […]

In last month’s issue we discussed  the elements of process and how they generate outputs within the InputTransform-Output (ITO) model. In this edition, we explain how project outputs can be used by project clients to generate the target outcomes for their project.   Target outcomes are essentially the business benefits described in the project objectives, […]

Managing a project team of diverse individuals is not an easy task. Maintaining positive environment in the project team can help harness creativity and producitivty. Read on to learn about how you can create a positive project team. Have you ever been part of a team where motivation and morale were high? If you have, chances […]

Part 3: Process and Project Outputs In last month’s issue we introduced project inputs and how they can be measured on a project. In this article, we will introduce the concepts of ‘Process’ and ‘Outputs’ and their characteristics. Once the project inputs are determined, the ‘process’ or work on the project is initiated. Process is […]

This article from Quality Progress establishes the distinction between project outputs and outcomes and what that means in the organisational context. When project objectives are set, the term “deliverables” is often used to specify those tangible things produced by the project. Two key factors, however, are often overlooked. Projects will produce two kinds of outputs. […]

Part 2: Project Inputs In last month’s issue we introduced the Input-Transform-Outcome (ITO) model and its distinction from the traditional Input-Process-Output (IPO) model. In this article, we will introduce the concept of ‘Inputs’ and its characteristics according to the ITO model. The chronology of the ITO model runs from left to right, where inputs (or […]

It is very likely that you have some members on your project team who are more talented or experienced than others. As project managers, we tend to utilize their skills as much as possible because we know that more often than not, they will be able to produce excellent results and meet expectations.  Nevertheless, this […]

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